In 1934 Harry and Maria Anagnostopoulos started their career in watch business in Constantinople in Turkey. At that time, they represent famous Swiss brands such as Patek Philippe, Omega and Tissot. Within a few years, they became honorable members of the Greek society of the town.

In 1968 the Anagnostopoulos family emigrated to Greece and they transfered their successful business activity in Athens. Due to their long experience in distributing Omega and Tissot watches, Helomtis S.A. became one of the main importing watch companies in Greece.

In 2003, when the Swatch group began operating in Greece by its own management, Helomtis S.A. maintained a substantial position in the watch market, representing Citizen and later on, Movado.

In 2005 the company took the representation of Ebel watches, launching a high quality watch brand.

Today, the company utilizing its long experience in all watch categories, as well as, its exceptional relations with each and every sales point throughout Greece, has managed to develop a wide distribution network offering its customers a wide range of high quality watches.